At the drive-thru stop,

Finn and I met an old hand,

He asked where to fish

And I told him.

He inquired to the fun places,

And I told him.

In the lot we shared,

Oil-slick and cigarette butts,

a Toast to today.

Life was happy once,

and Iowa was not long,

for the man Gus.

No family, naught without love,

tackle and bait,

and down to the river he rode.


Today of Days

Sometimes it hurts

Sometimes love is not kind

And the pain you feel

That gnawing, clawing at your heart

Dizzy and blinded with rage

When the other

Your other

Are found anew

And still lamenting

Sometimes still lamenting

Is my heart

I Feel Your Heart

Golden fields of fall we meet

Curly hair and messy head

Morning break in her bed

Freckled face, smiles greet
First is first, but never the last

And forgiveness is special

But dare I  unfilter shackle?

And Re Live the past?
Then one look from brown eyes

Knowing hearts mend,

And I have found a friend,

But one day, farewell, goodbye
Love Forever,Discord Always,

Ty for R

Last Night of Love

So here’s the thing, we fell together instantly. A trip and fall and bum over noggin we’re in deep. I slipped and opened, she was there to catch me. Trust is knowing that you’re going to fall and they’ll be there. I fall often, I fall hard, I need caught often, I need caught from the tallest heights. 

Smoking spirits on the balcony we spoke,

We were present,

and her heart felt fear,

And my heart felt hers.

I didn’t want her pained,

Or anyone to hurt,

Such is my soul

The quiet, the uplift, 

I’ll let a soul stand on mine

If they’ll see the sun

In glorious morning shine, 

Sunbeams lighting her face

Dew forming on the grass next

And five wrapped in five

The most wonderful 

Beauty is held by love

A Night in the Basement

Inspired by
Teenagers playing risky games together in the basement, before nerds were cool.

Four turns in,

Time to roll the die

Eight out of eight

With an eighteen kicker.

Traznat, Kobold King

Has been eliminated

Minions charge the heroes

Injured already

Traps waylaid them

Poison clouds

And poor Reflex rolls

Mind control runes

Tempting heroes to rest

While an ambush

Silently gathered round

Arrows flew, steel sparked

The guardians of the tomb

Lay bleeding at their feet

Deeper they travelled

Through catacombs ancient

Finally to face Traznat

And split his skull

“I loot his body”

“You can’t do that in combat”

“Fine, I target the orc wizard,

And draw back my enchanted bow.”

Fate has failed the player,

Two, and the arrow misses

The distraction proves fruitful

As Lydia snuck behind

Her dagger drawn,

Now plunging into the orc

Fifteen with six.

Double for the backstab.

The large mouth of the orc

Twists in an ugly grimace

It’s final breath a spell

That will remain uncast

A spear launched at Korg

Easily deflected by tower shield

He rushes the offender

War axe in hand

Raises it high

But the kobold dodges

Korg is surrounded now

Needing a second wind

Flanked by snarling imps

Attempting to rend his flesh asunder

A hit, another, the hero falls

Leaning on his shield

The rouge sliding behind

As the kobold pulls his spear from Korg

Thrusting blood covered steel into spine

Cool Guy Steve draws his bow

“Why did you name your character

After yourself?”

“Because I’m that awesome.”

“You four want any snacks?”

“We’re good mom.”

“You sure, I made cookies.”

“We’re fine-”

“I want cookies.”

“Fuck, so do I.”

“Okay, we’ll take some cookies.”

Cool Guy Steve draws his bow,

“Here’s your cookies,

And what are we flaying alive today?”

“Kobolds, Mom. Kobolds.”

“Oh, well have fun sweetie.”

“Thanks ma.”

Cool Guy Steve draws back his bow,

Nocking his poison arrows,

He releases, the arrow flies straight and true

“Oh, did you guys want any soda?”

“Yes please Mrs. Jones”

And burries itself in the chest of his target

The final kobold turns tail

Do you chase after him

Or tend to your wounded?

“I want to loot his body.”



“You’re not going to save him?”

“After I take his clothes.”

“Fine, you take Korg’s clothes,

Much too small for you,

Before applying the healing salve.”

“What the crap man?”

“You’ll get them back,

Maybe when we get back to town.”

“You guys are such nerds.”

“Shut up Heather.”

“Yea Heather.”

“Do I have to leave you

In the dungeon without maps?”

A collective groan.

“Why’d you give her the maps?”

“So you’d be nice to her.”

Heather, swooning over the DM

“You’re such a hunk.”

He blushes, grasping at words

Rolling her eyes

“I’m kidding you dork.”

Deep breath, fast heart

They loot the bodies,

Take their deserved rewards

Head back to the town

Celebrating at the inn

Pints of dragon’s ale

“I don’t care if your charisma is 18,

You can’t have sex with the

Fair haired maiden.”